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ich habs endlich gefunden!!!! Das Lied aus der Armani Werbung geeeeeeeeil :D

You got me feeling
And you got me feeling weak
Listen as I speak
'Cause I'm careful as I creep
You got me going crazy
And you know I can't sleep
Now watching your moves
And you hypnotize me
You got me trembling
Like your little baby girl
You're so special
You're like diamonds and pearls
You got me spinning
And you got me in a twirl
Your my number one baby
And you've come to rock my world

Your Dangerous
Just scared of the
Theway you move
So scandalous
It's all about the two of us
A One-Night-Stand just ain't enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe
You gotta spend a long night crazy
To lose my baby

So Scandalous
So so
So Scandalous

--> JOSIE glücklich =)
14.12.06 18:40

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